Lando Kal-Further

Lando Calrissian was the most badass character in Star Wars, so I think it’s safe to say this song is pretty damn good.

Jessie Ware-No to Love (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Kurtz & Bomber-Such a Rush

I like my house like I like my women, dark and heavy.

Jessie Ware-Running (Disclosure VIP Remix)

Dropped at last night’s EPIC Boiler Room in the middle of a pillow fight, absolutely massive VIP. I’m convinced these dudes are incapable of making a shitty song.

Jimmy Edgar-U Need Love

BICEP-Getcha’ Boi

The Flipside of “Vision of Love”, gotta be one of the best releases this year.

Animal Youth-Airline

Gotta love that deep pulsing bassline.

Jamie Jones 45min Boiler Room Mix

Goin’ a little less deep and a little more tech today. Starts around 5 minutes.